25 Top Tweets From The 2013 RSA Chief Executives Annual Lecture

Last night, Matthew Taylor delivered his annual lecture at the Royal Society of the Arts in London “What Does It Mean To Be A Citizen At Work”

wordcloud generated from hashtag #RSAemployment

wordcloud generated from hashtag #RSAemployment (Click for full size image)

As part of the Engage for Success movement, I was in equal parts excited, intrigued, and also slightly worried about what might be said. But the energy and gravitas at the packed auditorium lead to some fantastic debate – leaving me with no doubt that Employee Engagement is about to reach the top of the corporate agenda in the UK.

If you didn’t get the chance to attend, then here are some of the Twitter highlights from those present (both in the room, and virtually via the live feed)

  1. So I’m a crushed middle manager working for an emotionally unintelligent sociopath. Right?! – LukeRobboUK
  2. If you want to solve complex problems you need clumsy solutions – becca_mchase
  3. The correlation between employee engagement and wellbeing is compelling – gbminds
  4. A tipping point is possible when individualistic, organisational, and managerial intent align – AuditFutures
  5. Research shows CEO’s biggest block to employee engagement is that it’s more emotionally demanding than command and control – GuyCorbet
  6. Strong strategic narrative about an organisation’s purpose is a key principal – commsdan
  7. Media not interested in the debate around engagement – do they think it’s not interesting? Yet stats show it’s so important – jododds
  8. Work can be unbureaucratic, purpose-driven, autonomous, multi-skilled, collaborative and deeply satisfying – LukeRobboUK
  9. Find 20% engagement improvement in one hour of real listening – ChangeTheLogic
  10. Mid-staffs shows collective representation no protection from lack of employee voice – croftpod
  11. Better work should be everyone’s business – Engage4Success
  12. By enriching our working lives we can tackle our nation’s key economic and social charges – LukeRobboUK
  13. Wendy Cartwright – meaning of work had changed but human nature has not – gordonslaven
  14. Organisations need to have a purpose beyond making money. They need to do something useful that makes money – hazelhodgins
  15. Good to hear talk of meaningful work & sense of purpose. Even in tough economic times we shouldn’t just be grateful for a job – jonnygiff
  16. This will require a step up for leaders. How can we help them achieve that and not be seen as wimps? ChangeTheLogic
  17. Need to see engagement as investment in asset, not an additional cost – croftpod
  18. Being free to express disagreement in the work place vital for engagement but so rare in my experience – capabilitybrown
  19. Young talented people have seen their parents hate working for bureaucracies and start own work instead – jonjalex
  20. If UK employees were a football team, at least one would be playing for the other side – johnjalex
  21. Maybe change needs no longer be a top-down, but an inside-out process – javierbajer
  22. We need to get beyond belief in technology as a means of innovation in work: efficiency over exploration and experimentation – GuyCorbet
  23. The best proxy for meaningfulness at work is engagement – johnhitchin
  24. Change driven by coalition of actors is always more powerful than a ‘good’ legislation and comms strategy – AuditFutures
  25. Is there a danger of engagement tripping into immobility and over consultation? Let’s make sure we do engagement well – ishbel_hunter
My own Twitter commentary from the room can be found here
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