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We provide services to improve corporate culture, increase levels of employee engagement and deliver leadership development programs that provide same-day results. We’re proud to be associated with the UK Government backed Engage For Success movement, the Myers-Briggs Foundation and Oxford Brookes University.

Increased Engagement Improves Business

The most engaged companies in the UK have over twice the revenue growth of others

Customer satisfaction is 12% higher in highly engaged companies

Companies with the highest engagement scores enjoy twice the profit of those with the lowest

Higher engagement increased productivity by 18%

Turnover is 40% lower in highly engaged populations

There are 62% more accidents in companies with lower employee engagement scores

Source: Engage For Success

Engaging Analytics

Mark Ellis – our founding director has released his first book “Digitox”

The story of his family’s ‘Tech Free Sundays’ – his family’s experience giving up the internet for one day a week, every week for the last three years. It is not a book about the evils of technology, but it will teach you how to successfully diet your consumption of the internet and make yourself and your family happier, healthier, safer and smarter.

Follow the link to and learn more.

Powerful Workshops

Powerful, entertaining and memorable workshops are critical. With decades of experience hosting sessions from five people to many hundreds, chairing global conferences and facilitating groups of leaders at all levels we have the expertise necessary for your success.

Who we are

We are a bespoke consultancy specialising in corporate culture change, employee engagement and organisational development, working with a number of global brands including CA Technologies, WTG and Novartis. Our work spans many sectors, with clients in  Finance, IT, Health, Manufacturing and Services.

Based in the UK, we also do extensive work in Europe and the United States.

“The essential fuel for any successful culture transformation is passion, and the team bring an enormous amount of passion to driving the kind of culture transformation that changes businesses. They became the heartbeat of our transformation.”

What We Do


Traditional 360 degree feedback assessments are a cornerstone of organisational development – unfortunately the results are often presented back to participants as indecipherable data streams, breaking down dozens of questions into detail with no actionable information.

Ours are different.


Most organisations suffer from ‘survey fatigue’ – too many questions being asked, too often, for no adequately explained reason or visible result.

We use data already available and combine it with carefully selected new information to provide a measurable overview of  values, behaviour, engagement and performance – accurately illustrating organisational health.


Meetings can be challenging – too often the cost in both time and productivity outweighs the eventual outcome. Successful facilitation ensures the right outcome in the right time frame while ensuring conflicts are addressed constructively and decisions are made.

Our professional facilitation services pay for themselves.


With over 2 million people taking assessments annually, type theory is a powerful tool for all forms of personal, leadership and team development that delivers many benefits.

  • Personal insight
  • Meeting efficiencies
  • Conflict management
  • Decision-making
  • Communication  improvement
  • Change Management


Culture 360’s are tailored to your values and behaviours, they provide fast leadership diagnostics and quickly identify areas for business improvement.

The assessments are quick to complete, comprehensive and 100% anonymous.


From half day sessions to multiple cohort, multi-year programs – we can support existing activities or manage the complete process.

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We deliver measurable improvements in sales quota achievement, staff retention and innovation

% Sales targets achieved or exceeded by teams that fit culture
% Success rate for coaching executives to better fit desired culture
% Reduction in employee turnover with increased engagement
% Improvement in commercially successful idea submissions

Our 360 degree feedback reports highlight strengths and give action items and guidance – comparing groups of leaders and allowing constructive self (and team) development.

Eight reasons to choose our 360 assessments

Traditional 360 degree feedback assessments are a cornerstone of organisational development – unfortunately the results are usually presented back to participants as indecipherable data streams, breaking down dozens of questions into detail with no actionable information.

Our 360’s assess six key competencies – Observable Character, People Management, Results Orientation, Ability To Learn, Communication Skills & Problem Solving. Surveys are based on either our standard question set – or more typically a customised selection from an extensive library of professionally crafted questions in these areas.

Participants receive a clearly understandable summary detailing actions they can take, including highlighted areas where perception gaps exist.

Observed strengths are clearly highlighted in each report – suggesting opportunities for further development and leadership gaps.

Perceived weaknesses are also highlighted to focus attention on areas that require development, or better understanding by others.

Anonymous team comparisons prevent unrealistic viewpoints – helping focus effort, conversation and development.

Constructive written responses allow direct and open feedback in the right areas – no personal attacks, no sabotage, no bullying.

Full disclosure of results in appendix for the data obsessed – that remains graphically engaging, constructive and informative.

No boring presentations. Ever.

Highly interactive and memorable workshop deliveries that guarantee lasting results.

Culture 360 Assessments

Values & Behaviour (culture) 360’s deliver diagnostics based on individual and group behaviours. Designed to quickly measure alignment to desired culture, they are an excellent tool for improving engagement, focussing effort, building leadership development programs and improving recruitment processes.

Build on your strengths